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Visit NSL


Visit NSL

J.D. Admissions

The Nashville School of Law welcomes prospectives students to visit campus. As a part of your visit, you can visit our classrooms and courtrooms and visit with staff members to learn about the legal education offered at the Nashville School of Law. Upon request, the School also can arrange for an applicant to attend one or more class sessions.

Campus Tour

We look forward to having prospective students visit our campus. Those interested in a visit are asked to email Elizabeth McDonald, Assistant Dean for Administration, at

The Nashville School of Law is located at 4013 Armory Oaks Drive, Nashville, TN 37204.

Virtual Campus Tour

Instead of coming to campus, take advantage of our virtual tour option. You will be able to see our facilities, including the library, classrooms, courtrooms, and other areas.

Become a student at the Nashville School of Law.

Interested in becoming a student? We’re here to help. Call 615-256-3684 or send us an email.