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Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association Visits NSL

Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association Visits NSL

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Nashville School of Law welcomed the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association to campus.  TTLA members visited with our law students about what it means to be a trial lawyer.

The organization is made up of trial lawyers from across Tennessee who practice personal injury, family law and criminal defense.

NSL Alumnus, Josh Cantrell ’19, who attended the gathering on behalf of TTLA, remembers joining the group when he was a law student. “I became a student member of the TTLA my second year at NSL and it allowed me to build a network of lawyers and a support system that, by the time I graduated, helped me to hit the ground running as a trial lawyer and perform tasks that younger lawyers generally do not take on so early in their career,” said Cantrell.

TTLA members attend events throughout the year providing network opportunities.  They also have a chance to ask questions through a virtual platform, gaining advice and support from other legal professionals.

The organization hosts seminars and Continuing Legal Education courses.  They support a lobby team who fights for civil rights on the state level, and they provide students a lawyer mentor who practice close to where the student lives, giving the student a chance to participate and experience actual trial work such as depositions, mediations, motion hearings and trials.

TTLA members, who are NSL Alumni, Suzanne Keith, Josh Cantrell and John Griffith, attended this event.

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