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CLE@NSL: Orders of Protection – A Shield and a Sword

Domestic violence, as well as other types of unwanted contact between intimate partners such as harassment and stalking, is all too common today.  In response, the legislature created orders of protection to provide a swift and efficient civil process that enable judges to address domestic violence in all its forms.  While the ex parte nature of these orders provides the speedy relief required, it can also provide opportunities for misuse.  Orders of protection can be obtained without legal representation, and at the initial hearing, they lack procedural safeguards against strategic conduct and inflated or false accusations.  The purpose of this program is to enable practitioners to become well versed in the proper and improper uses of orders of protections and to familiarize themselves with the standard forms used to obtain orders of protection.


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CLE@NSL: All About Ethics : Malpractice & the Cloud

  • Habits That Help Avoid Legal Malpractice Claims  (1.5 dual credits) – Insurers providing professional liability insurance report that while overall claim frequency has remained stable for the past several years, claim severity has been on the rise.  Good practice habits will reduce your exposure.  This program will highlight best practices with regard to conflicts checking, retainer agreements, declination letters, calendaring, client communication, staff supervision, and other related practice activities.
  • Integrating Cloud Computing Into Your Practice (1.5 dual credits) – Like any other business, lawyers must find new ways to provide their services better, faster, and cheaper.  To meet this challenge, many lawyers are moving their practice to the Cloud.  This program will (1) provide an introduction to the Cloud, (2) discuss the advantages and challenges associated with Cloud computing services and applications, (3) discuss the steps required to move your practice to the Cloud, and (4) address the ethical issues associated with the use of Cloud computing services and applications in the practice of law.

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