Fourth-year law student Steve Jones became inspired to take on a legal education after watching his son go through the process at Belmont University College of Law. But, attending law school during the day simply was not an option.

Jones, a human resources director at Jack Daniel’s in Lynchburg, wasn’t looking to leave a job he enjoyed, but still wanted the experience a legal education offers. The only feasible option for him was the Nashville School of Law. It’s a choice Jones does not regret, but one he rather relishes.

“NSL works perfectly for me and other working adults,” Jones explains. “I’m able to balance a full-time career, family, and still be able to go to school at night. If it were not for the night classes, there is no way I could have done this.”

Jones previously worked in the apparel industry in Tupelo, Mississippi, and for the Sara Lee Corporation in North Carolina. He also worked for a Nissan supplier before settling in Lynchburg and accepting employment with Jack Daniel’s, where has been for nearly 20 years.

But Jones’s wealth of experience hasn’t stopped him from pursing law school with vigor.

“I have enjoyed meeting and working with the other students,” Jones said. “Most are half my age and are my children’s age. It has been exciting to see them and myself succeed.”

That kind of accomplishment is not something that comes easy in law school. A successful legal education is not easy for anyone, and Jones is no exception.

“The biggest surprise to me was the time it took me to get back into being a student,” he said. “It had been nearly 30 years since I had formally been a student.”

Jones graduated from Auburn University with a degree in industrial operations management. He always had an interest in the law, but he shelved that interest while developing his career and supporting his family.

Key to his enjoyment at law school have been the relationships he has forged with many of his classmates.

“At times, we commiserate together when we don’t succeed as much as we thought,” he acknowledged. But, he appreciates the practical knowledge he has acquired from his instructors.

“I have had some very dedicated and knowledgeable professors, who I believe focus on the pragmatic aspects of law, not just theory.”

Like many law school students, especially those at NSL, he gives credit to his family for supporting him on his law school journey.

“I could not have made this happen without the support of my wife, Paige, or our youngest child, Cooper,” he says.

“They have made it possible for me by taking up the slack on our small farm.”

Jones looks forward to graduating from law school and utilizing his law degree in his current position as Director of Human Resources at Jack Daniel’s. After retiring, he will use his human resources and law school experience to keep himself busy.