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NSL Alumni Share Their Bar Exam Experience

NSL Alumni Share Their Bar Exam Experience

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In less than a year, the students in this Nashville School of Law Bar Exam Workshop classroom will have the opportunity to sit for the Tennessee Bar Exam.

“It (the Bar Exam) was really hard,” said Nitza Scarbro, NSL Class of 2021 Alumna. 

Scarbro, along with several NSL alumni, spent the evening visiting with current 4L students to provide advice on how to prepare for the two-day exam.

“In order to gain the most out of your study plan, you should modify it to the way you learn, then engage in the learning process,” said Scarbro.

She teamed up with fellow classmate, Will Williford earlier this year to study for the February 2022 Bar Exam.  They both passed and now, they want to help other NSL students to do the same.

“I believe previous bar examinees have a duty to upcoming bar takers and a responsibility to the profession to share their experience, tips and words of wisdom and encouragement,” said Will Williford, NSL Class of 2021 Alumnus. 

“None of us have succeeded in this endeavor solely on our native abilities – we all had the help of those who came before us and it’s important to keep those channels of communication open.”

This was the first time NSL Alumni took part in a Bar Exam Prep panel discussion.   

The NSL Bar Exam Insight Panel included: Josh Cantrell, Class of 2019, David Aguilera, Class of 2020, Betsy Todd, Class of 2021, Tawna Grey, Class of 2021, Nitza Scarbro, Class of 2021, and Will Williford, Class of 2021.

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