Nashville School of Law

26th District Public Defenders Office

Position Description: We are seeking a dedicated attorney to join our legal team. As an Assistant Public Defender, you will advocate for clients who are unable to afford legal representation, ensuring their rights are protected throughout legal proceedings.


– Provide legal representation to clients in criminal proceedings. Conduct thorough legal research to build a strong defense case. Draft legal documents such as motions, briefs, and appeals. Negotiate with prosecutors for favorable plea deals. Litigate cases in court, presenting arguments and evidence on behalf of clients. Communicate effectively with clients, witnesses, and other legal professionals. Uphold ethical standards and confidentiality in all client interactions


– Proficient in legal research using Westlaw. Strong negotiation skills to achieve optimal outcomes for clients. Ability to draft legal documents with precision and attention to detail. Experience in litigating cases in court and presenting compelling arguments. Excellent written communication skills for legal drafting and correspondence. Solid understanding of legal procedures and regulations. Capable of conducting thorough research to support case strategies.

This position offers the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals who require legal assistance. If you are passionate about defending the rights of those in need and possess the necessary skills, we encourage you to apply for this rewarding role.

Health Benefits? Yes

Starting Salary: 67,044.00

Typical Hours: 37.5

NSL Alumni at organization: John Hamilton

Deadline to apply: 7/31/2024


To apply for this job email your details to