Nashville School of Law

Degree Requirements


Credits Satisfactorily Completed* Credits Required to Graduate Additional Required Classes
All J.D. Candidates
Electives (6)

Required Courses for Diploma

To receive a J.D. degree from the School, students must complete a total of 57 credit hours and maintain a grade point average of at least 2.25. Students must pass the following required courses in order to be eligible for graduation:

First Year:
Constitutional Criminal Law & Procedure (2 credits)
Crimes (1 credit)
Contracts (3 credits)
Legal Skills & Values I (3 credits)
Torts I (3 credits)

Second Year:
Civil Procedure (3 credits)
Constitutional Law (3 credits)
Evidence (3 credits)
Property (3 credits)

Third Year:
Estate Planning (1 credit)
Ethics & Professionalism (1 credit)
Family Law (1 credit)
Legal Skills & Values II (1 credit) Remedies (3 credits)
Rigorous Writing Exercise (2 credits)
Trial Practice Series (2 credits)
Torts II (1 credit)
Wills (2 credits)

Fourth Year:
Advanced Legal Studies (3 credits)
Bar Exam Workshop (3 credits)
Business Associations (3 credits)
Conflicts of Law (2 credits)
Sales (1 credit)
Secured Transactions (1 credit)

Trial Practice Series

The Trial Practice Series comprises two-credit classes that provide experiential learning for students led by seasoned attorneys or judges. The School offers Trial Practice Series courses in Criminal Law, Civil Law, and Domestic Law. To graduate, students must successfully complete at least one of the Trial Practice Series classes

Rigorous Writing Requirement

Students also must complete a rigorous writing requirement in order to be eligible for graduation. This is a program of independent study in which each student is matched with a writing mentor who will help the student complete a significant writing project on a legal topic. Students will complete the rigorous writing requirement in their third year. Students earn two academic credits when they successfully complete the rigorous writing requirement. Students who, in the opinion of the school, produce superior work will be recognized with the Robert Ballow Excellence in Writing Award. This recognition will include acknowledgment at graduation, in The Torch, publication of the work on the School’s website, and a monetary award endowed by the generosity of Nashville School of Law alumnus Robert Ballow.


The School also offers elective courses. Elective course offerings vary from year to year, but may include: