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This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the law of sales under the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”). The UCC governs many of the transactions individuals and businesses engage in every day, including most e-commerce purchases. Sales is a topic that is tested on both essay and multiple choice portions of the bar exam. Learning the law of sales provides an opportunity to refresh your knowledge of basic common law contract doctrine, since the material will frequently compare the UCC rule to the common law rule on a particular issue. The UCC’s provisions on sales (found in Article 2) are of special interest in this context, since they alter some of the most basic rules of common law contracts. This comparison is of more than just academic interest, since bar questions often focus on just such differences. Thus, the course provides an occasion to jump-start your preparations for the bar exam. Another reason for this course is methodological. Students focus on reading cases during many law classes. Yet many areas of practice are shaped by statutes, and lawyers need to be able to identify and find the applicable statute. While we will read some cases, the book and class discussions are based on problems that are designed to promote analyzing a statute and applying it to a set of facts. These skills are transferable to every area of the law.


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Honorable Anne C. Martin


Fourth Year