Nashville School of Law


Criminal Trial Practice

At least one course of the trial practice series must be taken, typically third year

The course is primarily intended to provide students with the fundamental knowledge, skills, tools and techniques needed to effectively prosecute or defend the trial of a criminal case. Achievement of this objective necessarily demands that students have an understanding of and an appreciation for trial dynamics by: 1) developing practical tools to aid in improving pretrial and trial organizational skills; 2) enhancing critical thinking and legal analytical skills when evaluating and presenting evidence; 3) enhancing the cohesiveness and effectiveness of presenting evidence; 4) enhancing understanding and of pretrial motions; 5) developing an understanding of the human psychology of decision making and how it impacts the trial process; 6) enhancing oral and written presentation skills; 7) gaining a greater appreciation of and respect for the importance of professionalism and ethics in advocacy.


Credit Hours:



Honorable Mark Fishburn


Third Year