Nashville School of Law

Bar Preparation


A necessary part of becoming an attorney is success on the bar exam. The Nashville School of Law curriculum has a unique emphasis on the subject matter tested on the Tennessee Bar Exam. From Torts and Contract law for first-year students, to Advanced Legal Studies and the Bar Exam Workshop for fourth-year students, Nashville School of Law covers all aspects of the Bar Exam.

In addition, upon completion of their first and second years of study, Nashville School of Law students sit for a MBE-style multiple-choice test that gauges proficiency in the subject matters studied that year. Those assessments are used to help guide students through their further course of study.

Nashville School of Law recommends students enroll in Barbri courses designed to prepare law school graduates for the exam, which is administered each February and July in Tennessee.

More information about the Tennessee Bar exam is available on the Board of Law Examiners website.