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2022-2023 Dean’s List

2022-2023 Dean’s List

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Congratulations to the following full-time students who earned a grade point average for the 2022-23 academic year that placed them in the top 20% of their class.

Fourth Year

Heather Asbell
Leanne Bender
Cannon Cameron
Kati Coats
M. Tyler Daniels
Lavinia Fernandez
Jenna Huff
Josh Lewis
Joshua Pearce
Allison Wilson


Third Year

Kristina Bagwell
Nick Burn
Brian Hurst
Josh Hunter
Amy Parker
Christina Rice
Savannah Reynolds
Ali Sovine
Addie Toy
Dakota Vermillion
Austin K. Wilson
Katie Woodard


Second Year

Avery Alsup
Jennifer Burch
Emily Crawford
Ezekiel Hall
Katelyn Hensley
Lauren Jones
Mo Kaushal
Jennifer McDonnell
Holden Montgomery
Stephanie Snow
Hannah Padaoan Spittle
Doug Smith
Zaia Thombre
Jack Thompson
Drew Vernon
Ashley Whirley
Chris Yates


First Year

Feliks Abrahamyan
Caroline Cathey
Jack Collier
Christian Collins
Sarah Cunningham
Jake Downard
Michael Galluzzi
Caleb Gaw
James Harsey
Ryan Head
Taylor Jordan
Sarah Lewis
Wallace Pruitt
Kasie Ray
Noah Rutherford
Tara Stephens
Horace Tipton
Diane Tress
Nichole Wood

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