Congratulations to the following full-time students who earned a grade point average for the 2018-19 academic year that placed them in the top 20% of their class.


Nicholas Bellamy
Grant Benere
Chad Cunningham
Dennis Disney
Julie Downs
Turner Evans
Sarah Hay
Shannon Kerr
Rob Laxson
Craig LeQuire
Max Moody
John Peppers
Sherry Taylor
Donna Tees
Matthew Wood


Olivia Al-Sadi
Stefany Bonfield
Sjon-Paul Conyer
Whitney DaSilva
Jennifer Foster
Stephen Gallant
Tawna Grey
Ellen Hendrickson
Andrea McCoy
Clarke Norvell
Summer Owens
Poppy Steele
Leslie Todd
Kelli Woodward


Tammy Anderson
Frank Byers
Claire Cobb
Corey Coleman
Don Duke
Carla Grebert
Taylor Hatcher
Kaylee Houston
Bobbie Jean Lamar
David MacNeill
Robert Marks
Jeremy Moseley
Rivers Nesler
Lacey Piland
Matthew Rogers
John Romero
Chad Slaten
Abby Taylor
Jennifer Wright


John Ayers
Courtney Benjamin
Dean Bratcher
Josh Cantrell
Jonathan Carroll
Ron Cate
Joshua Clements
Cindy Harris
Pete Harris
Brian Horowitz
Kayla Horvath
Ryan Miller
Mary Scharlott
Don Turner
Heath Vo
Jesse Walker

Note: The School recognizes the exceptional academic achievements of its students. At the conclusion of each academic year, the Dean publishes a “Dean’s List.” To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student must be a full-time student (carrying 12 or more credits) and must earn a grade point average for the year that places the student in the top 20% of his or her class for the courses taken during the relevant year. Classes taken during the summer session will be calculated into GPAs at the conclusion of the following academic year. Electives will not be calculated into GPAs until after the successful completion of all required third-year courses.