Two experiential learning opportunities will be offered as clinic electives for the 2018-19 school year. This opportunity is a continuation and formalization of two programs that have operated at the School in the past. Each clinic is worth one elective credit and students must participate in and document at least 64 hours of work to be eligible for the credit.

Juvenile Court Custody Clinic

This program enables participating students to gain practical lawyering skills and become acquainted with the substantive legal principles associated with many of the issues dealt with in Tennessee juvenile courts.

Students who enroll in this clinic will be certified by the Tennessee Supreme Court under Tenn. Sup. Ct. R. 7, § 10.03 to provide legal services under the supervision of a licensed attorney who will be assigned by the Co-Directors. Students will represent actual clients in actual proceedings before the Juvenile Court of Nashville and Davidson County. In addition to enhancing their skills, students will help make sure that parents who could not otherwise afford to retain an attorney have competent legal representation in proceedings that significantly affect the family.  The usual cases deal with visitation modifications and occasionally custody issues.

Juvenile Court Custody hearings are held on Tuesday nights. Students must be available to participate on at least one Tuesday night per month (dates to be determined), as well as conduct other work independently.

Wills Clinic

The Wills Clinic is a partnership between the Nashville School of Law and Habitat for Humanity. The partnership aspires to pair students and practicing attorneys who are volunteering their time and expertise.

The Clinic is organized around participating area attorneys who have practical experience in the preparation of estate planning and related documents, litigation experience in probate matters, have participated as a volunteer attorney in this or similar clinics, or are otherwise approved by the NSL Director of Clinics or Dean. The supervising attorneys receive both CLE credit and pro-bono credit from the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Wills Clinics are held one Tuesday night per month and do not overlap with the Juvenile Court Custody Clinics.

Both clinics will be directed by John Lewis, Director of Clinical Learning at the School. He can be reached at 615-259-1366 or

Enrollment in clinics for law school credit will be limited to 10 students per clinic.

More information is available in Section 6 of the Policies and Procedures.