Nashville School of Law

2018-19 Honor Council Representatives

The following students have been elected to the Honor Council:


Grant Benere (1-year term)
Shannon Kerr (1-year term)
Johnny Peppers (2-year term)


Michelle Foreman (2nd year of 2-year term)
Alli Segal (1-year term)
Will Williford (2-year term)


Kate Nyquist (1-year term)
Nathan Rogers (2-year term)
John Romero (1-year term)


Joshua Cantrell (2nd year of 2-year term)
Lauren Gaudioso (1-year term)
Ryan Miller (1-year term)

Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board Hears Oral Arguments at Nashville School of Law

The Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board worked the night shift in Nashville July 10, as the three-member panel heard oral arguments in two cases at Nashville School of Law.

The School’s appellate courtroom was at capacity as students, faculty, and others involved in the cases listened to attorneys present their arguments and answer questions from the board regarding the facts, the law, and the trials courts’ decisions.

“The Dean and staff made us feel so welcome, and it was gratifying to share our work with a courtroom full of people who represent the future of our profession,” said Judge Marshall L. Davidson, III, presiding judge of the panel.