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February 19All About Ethics : Malpractice & the Cloud (3 dual credits)
Habits That Help Avoid Legal Malpractice Claims  (1.5 dual credits)
Integrating Cloud Computing Into Your Practice  (1.5 dual credits)
3 dual credits

March 19       

Orders of Protection – A Shield & a Sword
1.5 credits (pending)

April 16
Your Family Law Toolbox

3 credits (pending)
*Playing the Contempt Card
*Parental Relocation
*Building Your Record for Appeal

May 21 

E-filing Expertise
1.5 credits (pending)

June 18

Adoption Basics
1.5 credits (pending)

July 9 

Discover Effective Discovery Strategies

3 credits (pending)
* Effective Discovery Strategies(1.5 credits)
* E-Discovery (1.5 credits)

August  20

Tennessee Supreme Court Update 

3 credits (pending)

September 17

  Your Probate Practice Toolbox 

3 credits (pending)
*Common mistakes made in accountings, inventories, and all things financial – Adam Barber (Probate Master)
*Common mistakes made in the practice of probate – Elizabeth Hickman – Director of Estate Services and Trust Officer at Pendelton Square Trust Company, LLC
*Common mistakes made by attorneys in Probate Court – Judge Randy Kennedy, Seventh Circuit Court (Probate Division)

October 15
Guardian ad Litem & Conservatorships   
1.5 credits (pending)

November 19

Grandparents’ Visitation Rights
1.5 credits (pending)

December 17 
Your Criminal Law Practice Tool
3 credits (pending)
* The Art and Science of Jury Selection (1 credit)
* Best Practices for Submitting Claims for Payment Under Rule 13 (1 credit)
* Appellate Brief Writing (1 credit)