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June 18 Adoption Basics

Adoption law can feel like a maze. This course will provide a broad overview of the legal terrain. You’ll receive a road map for how to analyze adoption cases…from termination of parental rights to finalization. We’ll discuss substantive law, including the First in Adoption Act. We’ll cover the different procedures for newborn adoption verses relative adoption, including common questions family law practitioners come across for stepparent adoptions. And we’ll review the difference between foster care adoptions, private agency cases, and independent matches. You’ll get to put your knowledge into action with some real-world scenarios. And you’ll leave with a collection of resources to get you started! If you’re interested in child welfare law, adoption is one path to creating permanent, stable, and loving families for vulnerable kids.

1.5 credits (pending)
July 9  Discover Effective Discovery Strategies 3 credits (pending)
* Effective Discovery Strategies(1.5 credits)
* E-Discovery (1.5 credits)
August  20 Tennessee Supreme Court Update  3 credits (pending)
September 17   Your Probate Practice Toolbox  3 credits (pending)
*Common mistakes made in accountings, inventories, and all things financial – Adam Barber (Probate Master)
*Common mistakes made in the practice of probate – Elizabeth Hickman – Director of Estate Services and Trust Officer at Pendelton Square Trust Company, LLC
*Common mistakes made by attorneys in Probate Court – Judge Randy Kennedy, Seventh Circuit Court (Probate Division)
October 15  
Guardian ad Litem & Conservatorships   
1.5 credits (pending)
November 19 Grandparents’ Visitation Rights 1.5 credits (pending)
December 17   
Your Criminal Law Practice Tool
3 credits (pending)
* The Art and Science of Jury Selection (1 credit)
* Best Practices for Submitting Claims for Payment Under Rule 13 (1 credit)
* Appellate Brief Writing (1 credit)